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Campingaz’ Easy Clic-system er trygt og praktisk: klikk på gassboksen og vri til kontrollknappen er på linje.
Da gir systemet deg beskjed om gasstrømmen er åpen eller ikke, og risikoen for ødeleggelse av utstyret
eller for hardt tildratt ventil reduseres. Disse kan skilles fra brenneren med gass igjen på boksen. Campingaz’
gass kan kun brukes sammen med Campingaz’ produkter.






About Us

In 1949, a shared optimism for a fresh start and new beginnings in post-war Europe brought together three engineer friends from the city of Lyon, France. Although, many households across Europe at the time were struggling financially, there was still a collective desire to embark on adventures and try new experiences. And so, that summer, Gabriel Corlet, André Colomb and René Sillon, together with their families, set out on their very first family camping holiday.
During this family camping trip, the three engineers noticed the lack of portable cooking equipment available on the market for anyone travelling by road or camping outdoors.  With mandatory work holidays now being offered by employers in France, they decided there was sure to be a demand for this and the trio set out to create a simple, yet revolutionary innovation – the first portable energy solution. Soon after, they introduced a small, blue, portable and refillable gas cylinder and named it the “bidon bleu”.
With this little blue gas cylinder, the brand CAMPINGAZ® was born and the company quickly expanded. By 1952, CAMPINGAZ® was also developing stoves and other easy-to-use, affordable equipment that enabled more and more people to enjoy the outdoors
Word of the company’s portable cooking solutions started to spread beyond France and the iconic blue gas cylinders quickly became popular throughout Europe. With distribution spreading across the continent, holiday-makers could enjoy peace of mind that fuel for their camping and cooking equipment would be easily available, wherever their travels took them.  
In 1994, CAMPINGAZ® was one of the first companies in Europe to introduce a gas-powered barbecue, making it easy for friends and families to enjoy cooking delicious meals outside in the garden.   
Over the course of the following decades, CAMPINGAZ® has grown to become your trusted companion for authentic, outdoor cooking adventures. Making It easy to discover and savour the experience of eating outside, everywhere you go.  
We invite you to cook with us and let CAMPINGAZ® be part of your journey to indulge in new culinary delights.


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