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Leatherman SIGNAL er en real villmarksmodell av et multiverktøy. SIGNAL har 19 verktøy.

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Dette er en real villmarksmodell av et multiverktøy. Signal har en rekke verktøy som gjør deg i stand til å takle selv de mest uventede situasjoner ute på tur. I tillegg til standard verktøyene, så finner du smarte funksjoner som hammer (til eksempelvis teltplugger), diamantbryne, nødfløyte og tennstål. Alle verktøyene kan enkelt åpnes med én hånd.

Verktøyets lengde lukket er 11,43 cm, og lengden på lengste kniv er 6,93 cm. Vekt: 212,6 gram. Leveres med nylontaske.


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From our factory in Portland, Oregon, we’re committed to bringing you the best multipurpose products to help you solve expected and unexpected problems in everyday life. Our journey started over 37 years ago with the world’s first pliers-based multi-tool built by our founder, Tim Leatherman (yes, there really is a Mr. Leatherman!).


While on a budget trip to Europe in 1975, Tim Leatherman and his wife Chau constantly came across leaky hotel plumbing and road-side fixes for their cranky Fiat. Tim realized the need for a pliers based, multipurpose tool. “I was carrying a scout knife and used it for everything from slicing bread to fixing the car. But I kept wishing I had a pair of pliers!”.

When Tim came back to the states, he took his “multi-tool” idea, some sketches he made on the trip and got to work.

The original multitool invented by Tim Leatherman was the PST, which stood for Pocket Survival Tool or .
When Tim started on the prototype for this new tool, he estimated it’d take him a month. Instead, it took the next three years to build the prototype he envisioned and filed for a patent. With the patent application and prototype in hand, he set off to sell his idea. Unfortunately, the companies he approached didn’t bite. For another three and a half years, Tim faced one rejection letter after another. Until he partnered with his college friend, Steve Berliner, and in the spring of 1983, they received their first order for 500 tools from Cabela’s and launched the first Leatherman tool, the PST.
Leatherman employees building and quality checking Leatherman multi-tools in the Portland factory.
From Tim’s first prototype to our latest multi-tool innovation, we’ve been building our tools in Portland, Oregon. And when it’s time to put our tools through their paces, we test them in the great Pacific Northwest. From hiking in the rugged Cascade Mountains, fishing off of the beautiful Oregon coast, or exploring the high desert in the east, we ensure our tools are reliable for any adventure or task, big or small. We invite you to try our tools for yourselves, or read people’s stories of saving the day with quick-thinking, their own two hands, and a Leatherman.


The story of the Original American multi-tool inventor, Tim Leatherman.


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